Need to talk to someone about your problem?

Through Hair Heals Organisation, you can receive coaching and talk with a trained active listener over Zoom, the telephone, or one-on-one through our active listening services.

As part of our listening sessions, our listeners can provide support and coaching for relationships, confidence, and personal development. There is no support available at Hair Heals Organization for those who have lost a close friend or family member to suicide. If you are experiencing active or passive suicidal thoughts, please visit Suicide Prevention Lifeline or Samaritans for assistance.

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This page can help you seek a trained active listener to talk to through 1-on-1 conversations.

As part of our listening services, we provide:
Listening & coaching for relationships
Listening & coaching for families
Listening & coaching for confidence
Listening & coaching for personal growth

Often, it is easier to speak with a stranger than with a relative or friend. We often feel like no one will understand what we are going through when we reveal a problem, but that couldn't be further from the truth.
We completely get it if you need a listening ear. In order to heal, admitting you need help can be an important step.

Need to talk to someone?

Providing emotional support through active listening is how we help those that need it. We help those we support to process their problem or worry by actively listening to them. 
You can consider what type of support you need first, whether it is confidence building, a friend, support with understanding relationships or an unlisted intimate problem - we have plenty of options and one of the best ways is to try them out to find what works for you. It is understood that different people have different preferences and needs. Each of these support services has its own appropriate situation.

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As our charitable organisation continues to expand, we can use all the help we can get. Contact us today to volunteer as a listener and on how you can get involved.