Psychological And Physical Effects Of Alopecia - Alopecia Magazine

Updated: Jun 6

Many people with alopecia feel that they cannot express themselves without being judged. There is a stigma attached to mental illness that it's unrelated to alopecia and not a physical illness. When it comes to mental pain, people are less forgiving and sympathetic.

People with alopecia are determined to live a joyous life and do their best to bring balance to their lives, despite the debilitating psychological effects the condition can bring. The condition may cause intense emotional suffering, adversely affect your mental health and require a great deal of effort to heal.

Alopecia sufferers may conceal their emotions for fear of being misunderstood. There was little acknowledgment of the emotions one might be experiencing. Most people compare alopecia to other conditions or illnesses, believing that those were worse in many ways. Somehow, people felt it was their instinct to play it down so as to make those with the condition feel better.

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