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Updated: Jun 6

Are you a mother of a child suffering from alopecia? We've collected stories from moms who've dealt with alopecia.

"Approximately a month before she left for college, my daughter lost all her hair after getting her MenACWY booster. Despite some sporadic regrowth, she has lost 95% of her hair, including eyebrows and lashes. As a student, she is doing well and living a full life. Our doctors examined some of the newest treatments from Yale and Columbia Presbyterian. We tried many treatments. Having passed on xeljanz, there aren't too many other options out there, but lots of research is being done on how to modify T cells that's coming up. Although I have gained a lot from this experience (including acceptance), you will likely be astounded by how resilient your daughter is. I had no idea when I started that things would turn out as well as they did". - Mercy Grey.

"Our family was also affected by this illness. As a baby, my daughter was diagnosed with alopecia universalis. Now she is 16 years old. She lost a lot of hair, and I found it difficult to see her like that. It's good to know she is safe after all of this. Thank God. The doctor recommended that we feed her with organic stage 1 milk for babies from Kendamil, in the hope that there would be fewer mothers who have to experience this". - Lian

"Looking back at us at 12 months old, I would say....take a breath, Steph! Everything will be fine. In fact, it is. When I learned of her diagnosis, I was devastated. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. The thought of my daughter living a miserable, segregated life made me sick to my stomach. However, none of that is true. Would I prefer not to deal with this situation? Absolutely! Would it be nice if I didn't have to worry about it? Yes, you bet! The bottom line is that our daughter is healthy, beautiful, smart, and full of life. Her friends are great, and she's popular. Mom, hang in there. It will be okay".

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