Alopecia Magazine: How To Hide Bald Spots By Musings on Spraying

Updated: Jun 6

My experience with female hair loss has taught me how to conceal hair loss at the temples and pretty much anywhere else on my head.

Here is a simple guide on hiding hair loss in women and hiding bald spots in hair using products that you probably already have in your home.

With the help of a concealer or bald spot spray, it is possible to conceal early signs of balding. When you just started shedding, this is a temporary fix that may come in handy.

Concealer and bald spot sprays do not deal with the root cause, but it is wise to use a good bald spot spray with nanofibers and dyes.

Applied to the affected spots, it entwines with your existing hair to offer coverage to the areas where it's needed most. The nanofibers are derived from natural keratin, which is the same principle as natural hair.

This is only a short-term measure if you have a few bald spots and it may not work if you've lost your whole head, as the sprays typically last only a day or two, so you'll need to re-apply if necessary.

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