Image by Ahmed Carter

The Missions Of Hair Heals OrganiSation

Claire Namukolo - Founder

Alopecia & Hair Loss is an often overlooked but highly significant cause, and Hair Heals Organisation aims to raise awareness about it, as well as connect, give, learn, and be active.
Claire, our founder, has firsthand experience of hair loss, having worked in the fashion and arts industry where she witnessed firsthand the difficulties hair loss presents as well as the lack of visibility alopecia sufferers experience. As a result, Claire developed solutions to create opportunities, reduce isolation, and raise awareness.
Our campaigns have helped reduce isolation and offered support to many individuals affected by all forms of hair loss, by involving them in activities that would increase their self-esteem, confidence, and awareness among our community.
With Alopecia and hair loss on the rise, we believe that the arts can provide the creative thought process that is foundational for those suffering from the condition, and give them the confidence to step outside of their comfort zone and become active members of their communities.
Our mission is to ensure people of all ages have the acceptance they need and the connections that matter, which is why we are the only charitable organization that prioritizes engagement. We encourage those affected by alopecia to participate in creative art projects while we deliver traditional charitable support services.
We strive to enrich the lives of those in need creatively by keeping up with trends and moving with the times. Contact us to learn how you can contribute to our cause.