Our Founder Claire Namukolo has a deep passion for representing those who have Alopecia and Hair Loss because of her own experience with Traction Alopecia and postpartum hair loss. Hair Heals Organisation  CIC strives to change the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence. We associate with a network of professionals through campaigns and signposting whose goals are to show devotion, inspiration, and self-admiration. Our service professionals sign up for membership with the promise of being extremely talented and very detail-oriented. Our suggested Experts love to give great service, helping make many of people feel beautiful inside an out.

Hair Heals Organisation is a non-profit organisation committed to providing emotional, practical and social support to help children, young people, women, men and families affected by Hair Loss of any kind; To help renew confidence and improve individual engagement with the community while connecting those in need of help & treatment to specialist professionals qualified and safe for accessing treatment.

We believe those affected by any form of hair loss can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Claire Namukolo Chimanda


Hair Loss Activist & Transformation Life Coach


Claire is a professional Transformation Life Coach and the Founder of Hair Heals Organisation providing help, advice and support to anyone living with the effects of any form of hair loss.

Claire`s aim is to create as many smiles around the world as possible through transformational, confidence-building campaigns and provide handcrafted wigs to children, women and men from funds raised through annual Events for the community by Hair Heals Organisation.


Our Vision

There's nothing better than looking and feeling beautiful. Day to day men, women, and children suffer from hair loss. Having this condition affects some of their confidence causing them to have low self-esteem. Low self-esteem attacks can often lead to depression and feelings of devastation. These all are reasons we seek to help and create a positive environment that provides perfect energy. We desire to help people overcome their differences no matter their nationality, gender or age. .

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