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Thank You Funders - The National Lottery Fund for helping us reach communities and those in need, we couldn't do what we do without funding. Would your business like to support our cause or fundraise for Hair Heals Organisation? every little helps. Email us now - info@hairheals.org.uk


The National Lottery Community Fund gives grants to organisations in the UK to help improve their communities

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 Be Active, Be Noticed, Connect, Give and Learn




Breaking Barriers Through Engagement

The performing arts industry can be tough and sometimes you may need some support during your career or beyond. One of the main reasons Hair Heals Organisation was founded in 2017 was to improve access to performing arts and culture for those with Alopecia by providing opportunities in the Arts and Media. Through engaging both those with Alopecia and without the disease in performance art together, we enable the community to be more open to people with all forms of Alopecia and medical hair loss, and to accept them as they are in representing the identity of society. Through our combined participatory arts and campaign programmes for all we are challenging and changing perceptions. We’ve dedicated a lot of man-hours and invested countless resources in our campaigns to make Hair Loss acceptable through our charitable cause, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. See how you can by contacting us below.

Our Cause

Connect With An Organisation That Cares!

Through various unique campaign programs and creative arts initiatives, Hair Heals Organisation offers support for those with alopecia to try something new, rediscover an old interest, that makes them feel more confident as well as be aware of the world around them and what they are feeling and we’d love for you to get involved. Our Founder has a deep passion for advocating for those who have alopecia because it is prevalent within her own experience of hair loss and she has seen first hand what having hair means in the Fashion and Performing Arts sectors. Combining her experience, Claire has a clear goal of advocating for change and providing substantial alopecia and hair loss support programs to people of all ages to make the world a better place for the acceptance of alopecia in our communities for generations to come. Join us today to learn all about volunteering and donating options.


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


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We are a community organisation operating in Chester, Cheshire and Greater Manchester for the benefit of Cheshire, Greater Manchester residents (projects may also include the UK/global alopecia community).


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